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surly bikes - Yahoo News Search Results
surly bikes - Yahoo News Search Results

Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium serves all levels of skill
CARROLLWOOD ? They strive to be a family-friendly, full-service neighborhood bicycle shop, according to Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium owner Brian Eckman. That's good for both serious biking enthusiasts and those who ride for pure enjoyment.
Bird watcher bikes from Boston to JetBlue Park
Dorian Anderson arrived at JetBlue Park on Tuesday morning on his maroon Surly-brand bicycle.
Triathlon: Inaugural Challenge Philippines delivers a world-class challenging...
Featuring over 700 age group athletes from 38 countries and one of the largest and fastest pro fields ever assembled in Asia, Challenge Philippines tested the will and courage of every participant today.
Fatbikes are big with winter riders
Frank Huben of Sauk Rapids rides his fatbike extensively during the winter months. / Kimm Anderson, St. Cloud (Minn.) Times BOWLUS, Minn. -- Frank popped a wheelie. Curt hefted his bike out of the snowbank where he'd parked it at a 45-degree angle. Theresa blasted through another drift.

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surly - Yahoo News Search Results
surly - Yahoo News Search Results

Surly Singlespeed tensioner kit review
Surly has long been the king of singlespeeding and pared-down adventuring, and its new two-part conversion kit is a good way to have a crack at lactic acid-rich, zero-maintenance push-biking. The first element is the Singleator chain tensioner (£40), which fits to your derailleur hanger to keep your chain tight over chattery sections via two internal springs. It can be easily configured in ...
From Universal Studios Home Entertainment: The Nut Job
UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., Feb. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Be prepared for one squirrelly adventure in the action-packed comedy, The Nut Job , starring Will Arnett ( Despicable Me, Ratatouille) as Surly, a ...
Pints on a plane! Craft beer favorites are now just a flight away
There are many factors that go into choosing which airline you?re going to fly ? ticket prices, frequent flyer points and route options all play a part. But now there?s another very compelling reason to choose who you fly with: the beer selection.        
Fiat's UK-style revival plan faces Italian hurdles
Idle plants, surly unions and a weak, ageing model line-up - the challenges facing Fiat Chrysler's Italian revival sound a lot like the British car industry's low point in 1982.
Surly Millionaire Congressman Alan Grayson Accused of Domestic Abuse
The soon-to-be-ex-wife of Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) got a "temporary protective injunction" against the congressman Monday, after accusing him in court papers of physically assaulting her and threatening to ruin her life. Read more...        
Drake Apologizes for Being So Surly About the Philip Seymour Hoffman Cover of...
Drake was none-too-happy when Rolling Stone bumped him off their cover for Philip Seymour Hoffman this week ? but after blasting the magazine on Twitter, Drake deleted the offending tweets and apologized for his behavior on his website Friday: I completely support and agree with Rolling Stone replacing me on the cover with the legendary Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He is one of the most incredible ...
You can crack open a Surly on your Sun Country flight
You can now crack open one of Minnesota's own Surly brews on your next Sun Country flight.
At Logan, cars outnumber spaces during vacation week
The biggest problem at Logan Airport this week isn?t canceled flights or icy runways or surly TSA agents. It?s the parking.        
Review: The Beauty Queen of Leenane
"The Beauty Queen of Leenane" begins with Mag Folan, a surly, gray-haired woman in a rocking chair, her suspicious eyes peering from a bulldog face just anticipating its next complaint.
With Logan parking lots overflowing, passengers get valet service -
The biggest problem at Logan Airport this week isn’t canceled flights or icy runways or surly TSA agents. It’s the parking. Finding a place to stow your car is often tough at Logan, as anyone who has prowled the crowded central parking garage long enough to almost miss a flight knows well. But it’s even more trying during school vacation week, when hordes of families leave ...

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Facts About Surly Bikes

Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, Surly Bikes has been a manufacturer of distinctive bicycles and bicycle components since 1998. The Surly Singleator, widely recognized for starting the single speed craze among cyclists, paved the way for an ever innovative product line. The Dingle cog, cranksets with separately detachable spiders, and reversible chain tensioners, have followed in the Singleator's footsteps, each one a move toward the continuing growth and popularity of socially conscious company. To say the least, as stated in Minnesota's The Rake magazine, Surly Bikes is ”°carving out a solid niche" in the singlespeed culture, with solid components, reasonable prices, and a down to earth attitude.

Surly Bikes has played a major role in the Single Speed World Championships (SSWC) since its establishment. In 2005, a Surly frame was given as a prize to acknowledge the efforts of a volunteer. That same year, Surly was the winner of the SSWC and was given the honorable task of selecting the venue for the following year's race.

As if it were not a busy enough year for this plucky company, 2005 also saw Surly's introduction of the ”°Pugsley”±. The cutting edge Pugsley was the first mass produced mountain bike with very large volume tires, designed for deep snow and sand riding. This was a completely different take on the mountain bike, as it required different tire, tube, bottom bracket, and frame design. The reviews for the Pugsley were clearly impressive. Noted bicycle technical authority, Sheldon Brown, said ”°Pugsley is, in its way, as revolutionary as the original mountain bikes were in the early 1980's”±. Naturally, the Pugsley has since inspired similar models sold by other manufacturers.

In keeping with their singular take on fun and sport, Surly is also the producer of a mountain unicycle, called the Conundrum!

Now owned by Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), Surly now expects to sell 10, 000 frames a year. These companies continue to build on their ecofriendly ways; they use certified sustainable practices, including onsite worm composting! Employees of these progressive companies enjoy indoor bike racks, showers, changing rooms, and a competitive league which offers rewards for accumulated bike commuter miles.

 From the Singleator to the Conundrum, Surly is, no doubt, embedding itself solidly into every discipline of cycling.


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