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brooks saddles - Yahoo News Search Results

Iconic Mel Brooks film ?Blazing Saddles? screens at Breckenridge Backstage Th...
'Blazing Saddles' is a comedy within a comedy within a comedy, with an all-star cast of Slim Pickens, Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder and, of course, funny man Mel Brooks.
Mel Brooks Won?t Talk Dirty
In 1975, Mel Brooks became the first person Playboy had interviewed twice. Read this Q&A, which covers everything from childhood to America?s problems with the fart, and you?ll see why the magazine went back for seconds.
Mel Brooks Remembers Sid Caesar: ?He Was Not Even a Jew or a Person ? He Was ...
Mel Brooks remembered his close friend Sid Caesar in an extended ?Conan? appearance on Tuesday, where he called the late sketch comedy legend ?a legitimate comic genius,? and shared stories of their personal friendship and professional collaborations. TheWrap was in the Burbank studio when Brooks told Conan O?Brien,?There was nobody more genuinely talented than Sid Caesar.?
Tributes paid to comedian Sid Caesar
Mel Brooks and Woody Allen are among those who have paid tribute to veteran US comedian Sid Caesar, who died on Wednesday aged 91.
Sid Caesar obituary
American TV's great comedian of the 1950s has died at the age of 91 Early on in their careers, Woody Allen, Carl Reiner, Larry Gelbart , Neil Simon and Mel Brooks all produced gags for the American comedian Sid Caesar, who has died aged 91. "Writing for Caesar was the highest thing you could aspire to," said Allen, adding: "at least as a TV comedy writer. The presidency was above that." Simon ...
Iron Sky - Director's Cut
From Director Timo Vuorensola comes this odd yet compelling genre mashup bit of steelpunk science fiction, now available in a metal case Blu-ray release.
Hicks: Is it OK to laugh at politically incorrect movies?
'Airplane' and 'Blazing Saddles' would likely not be made in 2014, when tolerance for stereotypes and racism is harder to find.
Great Caesar?s Ghost: On the Passing of Sid Caesar
He was the Brando of TV comedy. Look today at his work on the four shows he anchored in the medium?s infant days: Admiral Broadway Revue (1949-50), Your Show of Shows (1950-54), Caesar?s Hour (1954-57) and Sid Caesar Invites You (1958). There, in ?live? sketches with a wit, drive, sophistication and narrative shapeliness put to shame all that came after, you will see the first and greatest ...
SHABAZZ: Not acknowledging racism worse than insensitive actions
In the past week I have had to deal with stories where a north central Indiana tea party ?leader? used a tamale reference with regards to a Hispanic state lawmaker. A white Indianapolis restaurant owner dresses in blackface as part of New Orleans-themed Fat Tuesday celebration.
The Joker was a Leader
[Me] The great leadership genius Sid Caesar has died

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Brief Brooks’ History

1866 - John Boultbee Brooks established a works in Birmingham for the manufacutring of  leather strapping for horse harnesses and general leather goods. Legend has it that a19 years old J.B. Brooks bought himself one of those fangled velocipedes. After riding on it, he found out that the wooden saddle was excruciatingly uncomfortable. Now his father made leather saddles for horses, so he thought of making a leather saddle for his new velocipede. The rest, as they say, is history.

1882 - J.B. Brooks filed his first patent for a spring bicycle saddle, the first of its kind, as J.B. stated: “I was dissatisfied with the present type of saddle, which affords little protection against the shocks of cycling on our uneven roads”.

1900’s – In the early 1900’s Brooks was offering an astonishingly broad range of bicycle saddles and other accessories such as saddle bags, tool bags, saddle back rests, inner tube cases, …

1950’s – Brooks was the leading bicycle saddle manufacturer, with a work force of 3.000 people and a weekly production of 80.000 saddles, making a yealry total of over 3.000.000 pieces.

1970’s – Less than 30 years ago, Brooks was still a fairly large manufacturer of bicycle saddles, yearly making 1.500.000 pieces.

Today – Brooks sells to over 100 countries special ranges of products have been developed for connoisseurs. Main markets are Germany and the Netherlands, but wherever leisure cycling is on the raise a potential for Brooks exists (France, Italy, Scandinavia…). domain is for sale. Email for inquiries.


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